About us and what we do

This website concentrates on rescue dogs from countries that have the most abysmal record in canine welfare & disgusting policies to control the stray dog population. Romania has an estimated stray dog population in excess of 3 million. There are no government directives to attempt to educate people & control the ever increasing number of puppies born each year.  Across the whole of the country are some of the worst Public Shelters imaginable, commonly called “The Death Camps” because literally that is what they are – cold, wet, damp, filthy pens which house the dogs collected by the infamous dog catchers. They are often left without any care – for 14 days, often with no food and injured from the team of dog catchers who earn a living capturing these souls in horrific ways, until the fatal day number 14 arrives. After 14 days the dogs are euthanized. To some that day is a release from suffering. However, the means used in these barbaric shelters is unacceptable in the 21st century & no living creature deserves to die in such a way.

Home Check Team:

A group network of experienced Home Checkers nation wide.

Home Checks carried out by the rescue team:
Jinni – Midlands
Anthea – Shropshire
Kir Shaw – Herts & Essex
Jacquelyn – Essex

Phone numbers:

Jinni (Midlands) – Mobile 07484333035

Contact – sdrdogs@mail.com – Mobile 07484333035 (Midlands) for further details