Transporting your Dog

We worked in close cooperation with the receiving competent veterinary from the APHA (Animal & Plant Health Agency) for 3 months in 2013 (October – December) to ensure that all dogs would be transported in accordance with the conditions of the EU Welfare in Transit regulations & in line with the EU Balai Directive for Stray Rescue Dogs & Cats.

We were one of the first UK-based organisations to comply with these requirements & to stop using the loop hole in the EU Pet Passport Scheme.

The dogs are on the full EU TRACE (Trade Control and Expert) system from Romania to the UK, so each dog is tracked by its microchip number &, as of 29 December 2014, their passport number. The first consignment arrived on 8 January 2015.

Upon arrival in the UK, the dogs are first taken to one of two kennel facilities where, once the transport team has them safely settled in each kennel, the official 48-hour standing time commences & the representative from the APHA arrives to inspect the passport & scan each dog’s microchip, to ensure that everything corresponds with the Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate issued at the inspection point in Romania by the Romanian veterinary authority (the DVS).

So any family adopting a dog can be confident that the dog is completely legal & welcome within the UK’s borders.

The superb kennel facilities are in Essex & Loughborough, with dedicated staff who are professional & provide five star care whilst the dogs are based with them.

Contact Jinni – – Mobile 07484333035 (Midlands) for further details