Fundraising Activities

The Scruffy Dog Rescue relies on fundraising and donations to be able to continue our vital work.

The  abandoned puppy situation is never ending in Romania – a country where 80% of puppies are born to die before reaching six months of age. Rescuers face a constant battle to help the 20% who can be rescued and cared for.

Fundraising pays for distemper and parvo tests, worming treatment with products like Drontal puppy syrup every 14-17 days and good nutritious diets, to allow good growth, with healthy strong bones, and prevent the deformities that are a familiar sight in Romania.




You can get involved by:donating through PayPal ( every penny helps ), using the address:

 Join in on the Facebook discussions and bidding on the items on the Scruffy Dog Rescue Auction Facebook page (highest bidder in 7 days wins!)

Please share this page and the fundraising links with your family and friends.

Contact Jinni – Mobile 07484333035  (Midlands) for further details