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Name:  Hazel
Sex:      Female

How about Hazel ? Doesn’t this little ball of cuteness just melt your heart ??? At just  5 weeks old she was dumped in a town where a spay & neuter campaign was taking place in Romania. How could a vet team & support staff not rescue her !
Now in the rescuer’s care she is safe, having lots of nice meals and undergoing all the usual tests for her health status. Hazel will be vaccinated to start the preparation  process & then it’s off to a foster home in the country, so no worries for this little star. She will be having fun and playtimes until she is ready to leave at 15 weeks of age.
Update – She has now found her new forever home in the UK 🙂

If you have any questions or for any more info on Hazel please get in touch:

sdrdogs@mail.com – Mobile 07484333035 (Midlands)