Madame Tinks & little Kiddo

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Name:  Tinks & Little Kiddo
Sex:      Female

Tinks found herself in the worst place any dog could be with pups – YES in a public shelter.  Cold, depressed & wondering what fate her & her little family would succumb to in life – would it be disease or starvation…?

We couldn’t allow that fate for her & the little ones, so we reserved them and got them out of the public shelter and into a holding foster carer, as she was in the far NE of Romania.  Sadly, within 3 days, two of her pups passed away, leaving the little girl alone with mom

~ Then, after a 5 hour train journey overnight to Bucharest & time with one of our excellent vets for tests (all negative), a nice warm bed as well as some good, warm food, life changed!

After 3 days in the clinic & vaccines & worming treatments, off they went to the country for some fun & care until they were ready to travel & be part of a forever family.

Both are gorgeous, with super temperaments and confidence growing daily, as they learn to enjoy living.

Both girls will be fully prepared – vaccinated & spayed, with EU passports, when they arrive in the UK in early November.

Update – They have now found new forever homes in the UK 🙂

If you have any questions or for any more info on Madame Tinks & little Kiddo please get in touch: – Mobile 07484333035 (Midlands)