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Name:  Madison
Sex:      Female
Age:     12 Weeks

Our rescuers showed SDR a photo of this scruffy, sat depressed in the pen in the public shelter and, with my lifelong passion for scruffy dogs and a tug at the heart strings, how could we say no to her?! ~

So, after being released from the Public Shelter, she had a trip to the vet’s clinic for all of her tests (which were negative), then the vaccine program started, she had a worming treatment & some medication for her skin, then off she went to our foster carer ~

She is the most kind, gentle girl you could wish for in any dog, and is now starting to relax and have fun.  She has her own toy, which she is extremely proud of & takes everywhere with her ~

The only thing you don’t want her to do is tread on your foot – big foot you have some competition!

We have rescued several girls like Madison (four recently) & all have been adopted in the UK.  The families adore them – they have amazing characters, loving, kind temperaments and are so laid back that they really do make you laugh until you cry with their fun antics ~

Madison will be fully vaccinated & spayed on arrival in the UK at the end of October/early November.  She’s 12 weeks old at present.

Update – She has now found her new forever home in the UK 🙂

If you have any questions or for any more info on Madison please get in touch: – Mobile 07817037532 (Midlands)