Noodles Doodles

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Name:  Noodles
Sex:      Female
Age:     2 Years

Noodles was found, after being thrown from a moving car.

Initially the rescuer thought she had spinal damage and might not be able to walk, as she lay not moving for an hour. However it was the shock & trauma of landing on the road & being abandoned that had been so traumatic for this lovely, sweet-natured lady ~

Now she is in in the care of one of our wonderful rescuers in Romania, gaining in confidence daily, enjoying life again & understanding that not all humans are as bad.

Noodles will be hopping on the bus at the end of October, headed for the UK & a foster mom to make her feel rather special & loved, until her forever family says “that’s the girl for our family”

~ Noodles is 2 years old, mature height and around 16kgs in weight. She will be fully prepared & spayed, with all current vaccinations and an EU Passport when she arrives in the UK.

Update – She has now found her new forever home in the UK 🙂

If you have any questions or for any more info on Noodles please get in touch: – Mobile 07484333035 (Midlands)