The Muffins


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Name:  The Muffins
Sex:      Male & Female

I spotted a photograph of a little one looking rather sad & asked my rescuer for information on her and she kindly responded with: “she was abandoned, along with her mother and father on the highway, if you can imagine that…a police car was just passing by and they took all 3 of them, but did not see the car that left them there.  The only option for the two policemen was to take the little family to the local PS” ~ Thankfully one with a NO kill policy.

So I am delight to say that, over the weekend (09-09) and with the help of my great Romanian girls, I have been able to reserve & release the little family ~ So all three will have a brighter future & the chance of their very own special families in the UK or Europe ~

Mini Muffin was released Saturday & heads off to the vets for tests on Monday and Mom & dad will follow on Tuesday

Special thanks to the girls for their dedication to help make a difference

So introducing the little family ~

  • We have father – a rather stunning chap (with the white chest), 2.8 years old and around 7kgs
  • Mother is around 2 years old, 5kgs and very delicate, sweet & gentle
  • Daughter – 1 kg and a sweet, delicate little girl who adores her cuddles & a warm pink jumper

The whole family will be fully prepared, spayed & neutered before arrival in the UK.  They will arrive at different times, with pup not being able to leave until 15 weeks of age.

Update – These lucky things have all found new forever homes in the UK 🙂

If you have any questions or for any more info on any of the Muffins please get in touch: – Mobile 07484333035 (Midlands)